Bead Stitch Beanie With Free Crochet Pattern

Hello everyone! So, this is my second creation on crochet thing and I am very excited sharing this and how to do it.

Please prepare a

  • 100g of weaving cotton yarn (gray) or any color you want
  • Hook 5.5mm
  • Scissor
  • Or any accessories for crocheting

Base foundation: Do 9 chains. on 7th chains, half double crochet on every stitches. Then repeat until make it to 25 inches round long. Then single crochet on every stitches to make it circle.

Row 1: On upper part,make a single crochet on each chains then repeat it in Row 2.

Row 3: Make a HDC (Half Double Crochet)  in each space. Then do it the same until Row 5.

Row 6: Make a bead stitch. Yarn over, insert the hook, yarn over, insert the hook until it 4 lines then yarn over and push. Repeat it the same on each stitches.

Row 7: half double crochet in each space and repeat it until row 9. Note: on Row 8 and Row 9, make sure you alternate the stiches to make it not loose.

Row 10: Repeat bead stitch.

Row 11 & 12: Half double crochet.

The height of beanie is about 7.5 inches long for adult.

And Done!

If you want to make a pom pom, just round the yarn on your palm for about 40 times. Then, release it on your hands and make sure you tied up the middle of round. Next, cut the between yarns and cut also the excess long yarns and make it firm.



Please like and share!

Stay tune for more designs!

Godbless you all 😘

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