How Can I Turn Back Time?

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Let me guess?…
To pray?

To smile?

Oh wait.

To check time?

Most of us, checking the time is the first thing we do in the morning and thinking if need to get up or want more dreams. If you think your late on your work, you should get up earlier and wanted to turn back time.

When you decided a thing you dont want then you will regret later on.

When the time you broke with your ex boyfriend / ex girlfriend that you still loved.

When you missed being young and not able to grow anymore.

When you missed your love one’s last breath.
Then you never say a word to that person how much you love him/her.

When you never say a word to someone you left.

When you get adultery, and the life of your children got miserable.

May mga times na naiisip mo na sana naging tama ang naging desisyon mo pero nangyari na.

Yung gusto mong ibalik ang nakaraan para baguhin ang kasalukuyan.

But do you ever believe in time machine? A machine takes you in the past and change the future.
Well, I hope so merong ganon. But it is not exist.

You will never change the past. But you will change the present and future if you chose wisely.

But how can get off with your past?

How could you say that your decision is the BEST?

First, you should think about your PRIDE.
Why pride?

Marami nang sinirang pamilya ang pride.
Dahil sa pagmamataas ng isang tao, maraming nasayang na oras na dapat maging maayos.

Tulad nalang ng pakikipatalo sa isang tao, ng dahil lang sa isang maliit na bagay nagpatayan.

Nang nalate ang jowa mo sa isang restaurant dahil sa tumulong siya sa matandang tumatawid, at nakipag break ka agad.

So, when you are mad, let go your PRIDE.
Keep calm and you will make a right decision.

Second, is know your INSTINCTS.

Sometimes, bago tayo umalis sa bahay natin meron tayong nakukutob na hinding magandang mangyayari. But still, hindi ka naman si madam auring para malaman mo ang mangyayari sa hinaharap. But then, you will never know that time was the last conversion with your father.
Then, you better believe with your instincts.

Third is to believe that EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS HAS A REASON.

YES! There is always a reason. Why are you in pain right now? Why are you made a decision you believe its not right? Why are you always sacrifice?
But don’t ever regret to make sacrifice for your family. Because your doing sacrifice by your LOVE. And that what makes you happy. That is your purpose for living.

If you think your decision right now is not good as you think, then don’t decide. Be comfortable with yourself.

There is no other better to invest with yourself. Find your self what makes you worth. Find your true happiness with your own skills and abilities. And you will never regret to love yourself.

But before I end this topic, I have secret thing to make a decision.

“Give all your worries to God and have faith on his actions”


Yes. We have to believe no matter what happens before the end of the day, leave all worries and trust him. If you are in pain? It makes you stronger than before. If you failed today? Don’t worry, we will succeed tomorrow. If you missed someone? Do it now. Before it is too late. If you want to turn back time? You can’t. But don’t be afraid. Because there were somebody who makes you happy, strong and giving you purpose. That’s your loved ones whose still alive. Always be grateful of what you have.


So in spirit of All Soul’s Day, have pray and offer a candle to our beloved ones who’d passed away. A reminiscing that we will not forget their existance when the time they were still alive.


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