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Once upon a time, there was a girl dreaming about different from anyone else. A thing she could do everything with full of passion and determination to accomplish one thing! She love art works, designs and photography, she do whatever she thinks on her mind, she wants to be ten persons as she is! She is very supportive for her family, she always priority the others than herself, but she is now beginning to reach her dream through God’s grace by giving her talents and abilities and now I introduce to you, the girl I am talking about, none other than is ME.



Hi! My name is Roxanne Bautista Rondina. Happily married for 3 years with Mr. Jim Rondina and wonder mom to my little girl, Rousebelle Acacia.I am not a writer. But I used to be when I was in grade school, I was writing a short story about fairytale or something like stories inside of my head. I imagine things impossible could be turn into reality.

So, please considerate my composition and I hope it will may help you for some reasons.

On the other hand, the one who inspired me is my family. I am very grateful to have them both, to support and God knows how blessed I am. 😊







But, there is a person who truly touch my heart. Who is giving me support all the time. He does not gave up to teach me every thing I need to know. He is my hero of my life. He is the best person that I have ever known by helping other people na walang hinihinging kapalit. And he is my first love. My Father.



“Magsumikap kayo at abutin ang inyong mga pangarap” – Roquito Bautista

Ang mga salitang ito ang itinatak ko sa aking isipan. I will never forget what he said to me. All of his advices to me, how to be strong in this world. It’s very hard to lost a father but in my heart, he is still be there. He is now in peace and no pain anymore together with our Almighty God.

On the past two years, there is something incomplete. There is no other person who giving me advices as my father did, pursue me whatever I want to do, someone who can lean on. I know I have my husband and my family but there is still something missing. Then I realize and forget the true father of all. And it is Lord Jesus Christ. They said, it is not about religion, it is about your relationship to God. And I found it at Church of God. There is something in my spirit that I’m reborn, rejoice and God completes me.

I have a quote for you that if you still cant’t find your true skills and true passion to do, I hope it will help you. God bless!


Thanks for your effort to read!






I am also giving trivia about  real life stories, events, health, foods that will give more information to know and might help to our daily life.