Why Am I Prisoner?

What is prisoner? There are so many meaning behind of this word.

Prisoner is a person who act violence which arrested by policemen and take to the jail.

But, in our modern society, ano nga ba ang prisoner?

1. There are prisoner in past. When you want to move on and forget everything but you still remember what happened from the past. You can’t let go your emotion because it is still haunting you up to this present. Pain kills you. Pain haunts you. You are afraid for the things that it might happen again to your current situation. That’s why you are still in pain and living in the past.

2. There are prisoner in love. When someone you love hurts you not only physically but also mentally. Taking you for granted but you do love unconditionally. You want to escape from that moment and let go everything, but you are still care for your loved one. As the same, you need to stay.

3. There are prisoner in work. When you wanted to leave or change your career but you can’t give up your current work because you have a family to support and worrying for what will happen that you don’t have enough confident to succeed on your decision. But, when you are getting old, you will realize that you are too weak to do things that makes you happy.

4. There are prisoner with their own self.  When you are not able to do in your life and not interested of anything. Sometimes you don’t know who you are. You better to keep silent and live alone. You think that no one can understand you. That’s why you stop believing and no one deserves you. It is like death.

So, how to overcome for being prisoner?

I know how hard life is. We all know what life is. But, when we want to believe something, more often saying “some other time” or “wrong timing”.

So, how do we.know the “Right Time”?

For me, the “Right Time” is NOW. It is not to say “later”, tomorrow or other day if you’re free. You are always have free time!!

You have time to eat, to take a bath, to make up, to drink some beer, to smoke around, playing online games or maybe gossip around.

But every time you wake up, every hour you spend, every minute you waste for something. I think the real change of our lives is to believe that we can live different TODAY.

Because if you skip your day TODAY, you will forget and never have motivation and determination for the things you need to do. 

So when you accomplish your goal if it is not today?

How to change your life if you don’t change your attitude? Your perceptions? The negativities in life? You do not take risk because you are afraid to try.

If you have something inside in your heart that you want to achieve, maybe you have at least one hour to think what is your most or desperate to become?

Are you really satisfied of what you are now?

Are you happy with your current situation?

Are you glad that you have more time at work than to your family?

It is not wrong to achieve bigger or achieve what you should be. But, have you ever thought on your mind if you become an old man/woman then you don’t have any insurances, no pensions, no businesses, so how you sustain your life to live more years? When you are young, you were just enjoying your life or something that you don’t have to worry for tomorrow. You are satisfied. But years had passed, taas ang mga bilihin, pagkain, damit, education of your children and many more but still your salary was consistent and not increase? Have you ever give time for your own skill? Or sometimes we are afraid to sacrifice because you are not confident or not believing in yourself for what you can do.

First thing you can do is to believe in God. If you priority him, he will give you the desire of your heart. Give all your heart and love unconditionally.


Believe impossible to make it possible!

You have to find yourself first. Find your true passion on things you love to do. The things will makes you happy. A happiness that makes you grow, giving you an inspiration, to move forward, a purpose to live on, giving direction and completes who you are. You need to think harder, harder and harder. But don’t do it too rapidly. You need to wait patiently in a perfect time and trust the Lord. You need to write down your plans. A plans that you are consistent on your goals. Huwag kang papalit palit ng mga gagawin mo, lalo ka lang malilito at hindi mo mahahanap o makikita ang tunay mong kakayahan.

If you figure out what you wanted to do, you will notice that you are improving. You Excel! You had CHANGE!

When we go back to the past and become a child again? Some adult would ask you,

what do you want to be when you grow up?

What is the most interested thing you can do? What is your dream? Or if you are a super hero, what would you like to be? These questions will now inside of your mind. What I want to be?

Then, list down what you think comes first. Write it down so you will see what your goal and always look for it just a reminder. Take note! Do it passionately and be true to yourself to find your happiness.


But, if you think you’re not interested at all, just ask yourself. Why you wake up every morning? Why am I still breathing? What is your purpose? Why you don’t want to improve yourself? Are you afraid to try? What are you afraid of? You will never know if don’t try at once. Before you think to quit, think why you get started.

But if you take off all your goals to the Lord, he will gives you direction. God provides you what you a determination. If you still cannot find your true passion, close your eyes and talk to him. Tell him to give you a clear mind and help you to decide of what you can be.

I will give you some bible verses that it might help you to pursue your dreams, to achieve your goal,  to let go all your pain, move forward for the future and to believe in yourself. God knows best! Stay calm and keep work hard for your dreams! 👊👊👊


Proverbs 3: 5-6

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”


Isaiah 41:10

“Do not afraid I am with you! I am your God let nothing terrify you! I will make you strong and help you; I will protect you and save you.


Joshua 1:9

“Remember that I have commanded you to be determined and confident! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For I, the Lord your God, am with you wherever you go”




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