Why Am I Prisoner?

What is prisoner? There are so many meaning behind of this word. Prisoner is a person who act violence which arrested by policemen and take to the jail. But, in our modern society, ano nga ba ang prisoner? 1. There are prisoner in past. When you want to move on and forget everything but you … Continue reading Why Am I Prisoner?

Why We Lack of Patience?

Most of us, we have a little patience nowadays. Maybe because of our generation? Well, let’s find out. What is patience? Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. For me, Patience is an act of willingness to wait something despite hardships, having of good behavior … Continue reading Why We Lack of Patience?

DIY Little Red Riding Hood Cape Costume

For this coming halloween, do you have any idea for the costume of your little one? Do you want something creative or unique designs? In trick or treat, most of children wearing fairies, disney princesses or something scary outfits. For my little one, my favorite book for her is little red riding hood. I am … Continue reading DIY Little Red Riding Hood Cape Costume