Why We Lack of Patience?

Most of us, we have a little patience nowadays.

Maybe because of our generation? Well, let’s find out.

What is patience? Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

For me, Patience is an act of willingness to wait something despite hardships, having of good behavior and hoping for the better outcome.

Based on http://www.worldometers.info, Our population as of today is almost 7.7 Billion people worldwide.

  • Birth Every day – more than 200k
  • Death Everyday – more than 87k
  • Population Growth- more than 124k

In Philippines, we are more than 106 million population and ranked as number 13 for most populated country. Most of government sectors, we should to fall in line. And it’s so annoying to wait for more than 5 to 6 hours for your transaction. Here are the list of gov. Sectors you need to wait patiently.

  1.  (DFA) Getting Passport
  2. Pagkuha ng NBI
  3. Pagpprocess sa SSS
  4. Pagtravel local or Abroad ( Airport)
  5. Pila sa LRT/MRT
  6. Mahabang paghihintay sa mga unlimited restaurants

Madalas nakakapang init ng ulo lalo na kapag sobrang tagal natin sa pila na halos gugulin mo yung isang araw para lang matapos ang transaction.But, because of our new president, Mr. Rodrigo Duterte, he gave an excel and improvement in our gov. Sectors. I had been watched some videos what are things improved than before. 

There is also a situation that because the impatient of humankind, some of clients raising their voice to the clerks, or arguing with co-clients and sometimes there is an unpredictable situation that you should to avoid by getting involve in trouble until you kill someone because of your anger.

On the other hand, Marami na ring mga sasakyan ngayon, dahil yung iba bibili ng private car to make sure na hawak ang kanilang oras dahil mas matatagalan lalo kapag nagcocommute. Di tulad kapag private car, may mga madadaanan kang shortcut ways.

When you are on the road, you need to travel for almost 3 to 4 hours before you go to your destination. If you calculate the hours, you will spend for almost sixteen hours per day. So, the remaining eight hours is your rest. To sleep. You don’t have enough time to your family.

So I am salute and give a round of applause sa mga commuters from province to manila ang work. It is totally amazing!

Traffic dito. Traffic don! Talaga naman pinagsabay sabay pa ang mga daan.

Hay buhay!

Kaya naman kapag nag green light na, ang mga malalaking sasakyan katulad ng bus at truck nag uunahan pa para makalusot dahil sa bagal baka bigla nanaman mag red light kaya ayun nawawalan ng balance at nagkakabanggaan.

Sometimes, When you wake up early to go to your work, kapag minalas ka pa, masisira ang LRT/MRT train. maglalakad ka ng kalayo layo at sasakay ka nanaman ng bus para umabot sa work mo. So annoying!

And when you are hungry, but your order is waiting for 30 minutes! OMG!

Pero iisa lang nakita kong gov sector na kahit sobrang haba ng pila ay talagang mahinahong naghihintay ang mga pinoy, ang pagpila sa LOTTO OUTLET ng makataya at manalo ng 1 BILLION PESOS. 😄👍

Bakit nga ba tayo nahuhumaling sa swerte? Syempre naman, kung ikaw ang manalo ng 1 BILLION PESOS, hindi mo na kailangan mg commute araw araw sa work mo, baka ikaw pa ang boss. Hindi lang yan, for being employee, when you have your salary, dadaan lang yan sa palad mo. Wala na lumipad na lang siya ng kusa sa dami ng bills.

Pero syempre huwag natin iasa lahat sa swerte. We should need to work hard if you want to be successful! Don’t blame other things like because of the government, high gasoline oil, fare hike, low salary and high needed things like foods and clothes. We need to think out of the box. We need to think another option how to sustain our needs.

But, how do we conquer our resentment to become more patient in these kinds of circumstances?

Well, for me our struggles in life is only a TEST. A test that you need to pass. You need to think it hard what is the best answer. But if you study hard, it is easy for you. In real life, kailangan pag aralan muna natin mabuti ang lahat ng gagawin. Think twice bago pumasok sa isang sitwasyon. Then, if you have plans, you will succeed.
Here are some of my photographs that hoping it might be help to control our emotion and stay calm in any kind of situation.




You know caterpillar right? Madalas satin, tinatapakan lang sila or nandidiri tayo. Pero kung iisipin mo, how is caterpillar? Can’t you see that caterpillar is only crawling. In our big world, they need to manage by ownselves. They need to build their own house and sleep like a princess. After a long sleep, they will become a beautiful butterfly. So after she made her work hard, instead to crawl, and she s now fly freely for whatever he wants. And the bright future is when you change.  From crawling using feet to flying using wings and live wihtout restraint. So, if you want to succeed  you need to be patient and work hard like this caterpillar and soon you will reach your dreams and live without fear like a butterfly.


” No matter how hard life is, don’t ever give up like a caterpillar and CHANGE to have wings and able to fly like a butterfly”.

See? It’s God’s creation that reminding us to be patient and kind. Then, we will achieve our dreams through hardship and motivated to reach your goal or career. If you think you have potential to do your passion, just do it today! Yes today! And I will pray for you. 😊❤👍

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