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Thank you for viewing my site!

Hi! My name is Roxanne Rondina and I created this kind of blog because I am happy to share about some arts that I really loved to do like taking pictures which giving all of my passion to build emotions, significant from your imagination into reality by providing a meaningful words of wisdom on my own perception or you could actually do it on how you express your own interpretation.

I will also share some words of God from the bible verses to guide and remind what is the value of life and how we survive in our cruel world.

I am inspired with my little daughter to capture every moment. I discovered my hidden talent in arts of fashion design. I am very glad and amazed for what I did. So, I will share some techniques and abilities to do a unique designs of dressmaking for your little one.

I prepared sample photos with different quotation which created by my own. So, please take a look and I hope you will able to see and like it. 😁


A friend of mine took me that photo and I really loved the result. So, I edit the photo on photoshop express apps to look more vivid, together with my own quotation that should appropriate on the portrait and gives delightful to your heart.


This photo inspired me how to get involve in the world of nature. In our modern generation, only few people can give significant on our environment. So my vision is to introduce and never forget how beautiful it was. I did not put some words because I want you t create and build emotion by your own interpretation.

“Rousebelle Acacia’s photo”

Photo taken on last April 4, 2018 when she was one year and two months old. I loved this picture because she is very photogenic and very active in front of camera. So, I decided na siya maging model sa mga arts ko.


Photo taken on last January 2018 before she turning to one year old. It’s very expensive if you buy a costume or to custom – made at tailor shop. So I was blessed to do it on my own concept and design and it is too affordable. I got an idea from my favorite disney character “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast. Then that’s it. I am proud of myself! I will give you some crafts on how to do it soon! 😊😇🙏

Thank you for your time and effort to read my introduction. If you think it is very informative, worth to read and want to learn more something special from my crafts, you can follow my blog, like and share to your friends! You can also message and comment as well if you have any concerns, but please do it with a right manner. Thanks and Godbless! 👍🙏😇


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