DIY Little Red Riding Hood Cape Costume

For this coming halloween, do you have any idea for the costume of your little one? Do you want something creative or unique designs?

In trick or treat, most of children wearing fairies, disney princesses or something scary outfits.

For my little one, my favorite book for her is little red riding hood. I am inspired in this book because it provides a true lesson of this story. That every child should obey their mom’s instructions. Because every mother knows best!

So I will show you some crafts how to make a DIY little red riding hood costume.

First, you need to prepare some fabrics and tools that able to use.

I used polar fabric to make her feel warm and use it also as her cloack sweater like princess sarah in tv cartoon if you remember it. 😊

Next are the tools you need:

  • Metal scissor
  • Automatic stamp
  • Big buttons
  • Red thread and needle
  • Laces (outline design)
  • Tape measure & steel pins


I bought the blanket stripe and red at shop wise supermarket anabu imus cavite. I loved the texture because its shiny and thick.Β  I used different color because the stripe one is the inner cape but it can be reversible. So it is the best for me!

First thing I did was measuring the body of cape, I cut it about 23 inches long height and 19 inches for shoulder length. But it is depends on the body of your little one. I just used her dress as pattern and fold it through chest to make it easier.

On the head, I used pattern from her coat with a hood which is detachable, so it is easy for me to do and I got the concept to make it also a detachable. I use to think an automatic stamp which it can be detach to the body cape. I cut for 25 inches long and I sew together the upper part of fabric to close the head. Please see the photo attached.


I put also some laces to the edge of fabric to look more beautiful and creative.


Make sure your thread is not visible in inner because it is reversible. But it depends on you if you want the only red is in the outside.


Then I sew an automatic stamp the head to body cape so it can be detach anytime you want. Instead to use of ribbon to tie it up, I chose to use a button. And tied it up a tiny strechable garter.


I used stripe blanket around the button on red plain color to look more visible and attractive.





And that’s it! Finished!!!! πŸ˜„

My daughter can use it reversible. I am very happy for doing this. What do you think is the best? The red plain or the stripe one? How about you? You can do it to your little one as easy like this!

Soon I will attach her dress and a photo of my daughter as a little red riding hood. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ˜Β Can’t wait to see it!

Please leave comments and suggestions. Also like and share to your friends!

Thanks! Happy Halloween!!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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